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2 Simple Home Exercises For Natural Breast Enhancement

Home exercise is a free and easy way to burn calories, but did you know it can also help with shaping your breasts?

You aren’t going to go from an A-cup to a D-cup doing these, but you will gain shape, perkiness, and confidence!

3 Exercises For Natural Breast Development

Let’s cover what we’re actually doing real quick. Did you know Breasts don’t have any muscle in them? Surprise! So, why will exercise help? Simple, we’re going to be activating and toning the muscles behind your breasts.

For the first exercise, you just need to be by a wall or something tall and sturdy that you can lean against.

 Exercise 1: Wall Push-Up’s

Step 1) Face the wall, and stand approximately 1.5 feet to 2 feet way. Extend your arms outward in front of you and place your hands palms first against the wall. Keep your hands right at your bustline in height and shoulder width.

Step 2) Get on the balls of your feet and lean towards the wall, but make sure you keep your legs straight and heels off the ground. Keep your back straight and extend towards the wall in front of you.

Step 3) Now you will move slow and controlled until your arms are straight. Contract and go back towards the wall. A tip for activating the peck for me has been to go slow, focus on flexing your pec, and release.

I’m sure you’re wondering … why can’t I just do a push-up like a regular person? You can, however this exercise is nice because it allows you to focus on your pecs and takes pressure off your triceps, shoulders, and other accessory muscles. You should do 3 sets of 15 – 25 reps four days a week, once in the morning and once in the evening. You may even see posture benefits from doing this as well.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Flys

You’re going to want to purchase a set of dumbbells of Amazon or an in person sports store for these. Preferably a set of 2.5, 5, 7.5 lbs dumbbells.

Step 1) Lay down flat on your back. Bring your knees up and keep them bent at 90 degrees while keeping your feet flat on the floor

Step 2) Hold onto a dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms perpendicular to your torso. Slowly lift your arms with hands facing inwards up, and bring them until they are almost touching at the hand.

Step 3) Lower your arms back down.

We recommend starting with 15 reps at 3 sets four times a week.

  • August 14, 2018

Breast Actives – Natural Breast Enhancement A Real Thing?

What is Breast Actives?

  • Overview: Breast Actives is a dual-delivery system that involves a topical cream and nutrition supplement pill.
  • Benefits: Some natural breast enhancement solutions fall short in offering a complete natural solution, however Breast Actives provides an all in one solution (a cream and an oral supplement) that aims to increase your bust naturally (and without surgery). It utilizes natural ingredients such as Fnugreek and Dong Quai.
  • Pricing: There are several pricing options, and it has a money back satisfaction guarantee. They recommend a 6 month supply.

What Are The Ingredients In Breast Actives?

Ingredient Name On The Label Dosage
Vitamin E d-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate 60 IU
Fenugreek Trigonella Foenum-graecum 400 MG
Fennel Foeniculum Vulgare 350 MG
Dong Quai Angelica Sinensis 250 MG
Blessed Thistle Cnicus Benedictus 125 MG
Dandelion Taraxacum Officinale 125 MG
Kelp Ascophyllum Nodosum 50 MG
Watercress Nasturtium Officinale 50 MG
L-Tyrosine L-Tyrosine 50 MG

Is Natural Breast Enlargement A Real Thing?

Yes! There are herbs you can take (although limited to no medical studies verifyingBreast Actives topical and cream products these homeopathic options). However, you can also introduce exercise and posture practice to improve your breast appearance. Enhancing your breast muscles through exercise will certainly provide an improved appearance is a healthy and safe option.

Have Women Who Have Had A Breast Augmentation Found It Worth It?

This depends on who you talk to, and if you’re talking short, midterm, or long term. It also depends on the type of implant they get, and if they go over or under the muscle. M

Is Breast Enlargement A Side Effect Of Any Prescription Drugs?

There are several prescription drugs that have the potential side effect of breast enlargement, examples include:

  • Hormone therapy (estrogen)
  • Birth control
  • Several antidepressants (SSRIs including Paxil) and Fluoxetine (Prozac)

It’s important to note that these prescription drugs are not actually approved for the purpose of breast enlargement.


  • Updated January 19, 2018

Are Genital Warts Permanent?

Genital warts (also known as HPV aka human papillomavirus) are an extremely common thing. WebMD estimates that  ~80 million people in the USA are affected. Did You Know that 40/100 HPV types are sexually transmitted?

Unfortunately there is not a cure for HPV, however the infection many times goes away on its own time. Since HPV vaccination is on the rise, it is expected to reduce the rate of infection moving forward. Treatments focus on the symptoms, although many times HPV can exist without any symptoms at all.

The main 3 vaccines for HPV are:

  • Cervarix
  • Gardasil
  • Gardasil-9
  • May 10, 2017