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Wartrol – Is It A Scam Like The Rest?

Believe it or not, Wartrol is not especially new when it comes to being on the market. It’s been used for years in the U.S., the UK and various other places. It contains FDA approved ingredients and has made the treatment of warts relatively simple and easy. In order to understand this medication, it’s necessary to understand warts in general.

Let’s take a look at what this is, what the ingredients in it are, if it works, the possible side effects of it, this medication vs other OTCs, and what are OTC alternatives to it.

What is it?

This is a product that is comprised of natural ingredients whose success has been chalked up to the ingredients never being joined together before. Especially if you’re dealing with common or plantar warts, then you’ll be best off going with this medication.

Common warts can be discerned by their cauliflower-like appearance, while plantar warts are known by their location–the bottom of the foot. While common warts aren’t of serious concern, plantar warts can be debilitating if not dealt with. In fact, all warts will only get worse and spread should they be left alone and not taken care of.

Does it work?

Simply put, yes it does. This medication works to eliminate any kind of wart and is effective at doing so. The medication has garnered many positive reviews since initially going on the market. Also, it’s very affordable. While wart removal procedures with your doctor can be embarrassing as well as expensive, using this is inexpensive and embarrassment-free since you’re doing it from the comfort of your home.

Also, from many reviews, it has been established that this medication does not cause any pain during the application process, or at all after it’s been applied. Another positive aspect of this medication is that Wartrol reviews have stated that it does come with a money back guarantee if for some reason it doesn’t work for you.

Keep in mind that there are some negative aspects of this medication. If you’re looking for some kind of miracle product, then this is not for you. It does take time to do what it’s supposed to do, usually between one and two weeks. Another negative that might be a positive to some is that you can only buy Wartrol online; it’s not available in any stores.

What are its ingredients?

All of the ingredients for this medication are natural and not dangerous. The active ingredient at 17 percent is salicyclic acid, which has been shown to be quite effective at eliminating warts from the body. It also contains ethyl alcohol, menthol, flexible collodion, polysorbate-90, ascorbic acid, and hydroxypropyl cellulose.

What are Wartrol side effects?

wartrol reviewsSince all of these ingredients are actually natural, there’s far less of a chance of there being any adverse side effects. However, there is still a possibility of side effects, so it’s advised that a customer remains aware of some adverse effects that you can experience.

For starters, there is an ingredient that is derived from the wild yellow indigo. This is a plant that, when ingested, can cause stomach pains as well as strong nausea. You might imagine that after this one ingredient, people would shy away from this medication. However, these concerns are unfounded.

If you were to go pick a flower of the wild indigo plant, then you would most likely receive these symptoms. When it comes to what is actually in the medication, though, you’ll see that it’s such a minimal amount so as to render these effects practically impossible from occurring. The only thing it’ll be aggravating is your wart.

The second way that people might think that there are side effects is the fact that there’s an unknown factor when it comes to homeopathic remedies. Traditional medications that are prescribed by your doctor are trusted more. However, there are far more numerous and severe side effects with medically prescribed medications than there are with homeopathic remedies.

As a result of all of this, there are no reported side effects of this medication.

OTC Wart Removal Comparison

There are some other OTC alternatives when it comes to wart removal and treatment. We’re going to look at the top of them, which is Wartrin. In the process, we’ll find out if Wartrin can seriously compete with the medication we’ve been covering in this post so far.

Main Ingredients17% salicylic acid, ethyl alcohol, menthol0.15 Podophyllotoxin, methyl hydroxybenzoateAll natural herbal extracts
Wart Types TreatedPlantar, Common, Flat Plantar, Common, Flat, GenitalPlantar, Common, Flat, Genital


Wartrin is made in the USA for those who are concerned about where their products are coming from. Its active ingredient is also salicylic acid, but at only 5 percent, it’s nowhere near as strong as the other medication’s 17 percent. It has inactive ingredients that are also beneficial, such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and vitamin E.

This topical cream can handle just about any type of wart there is, which is a big plus. Also, just like our medication, Wartrin does not need a doctor’s prescription. This is doctor trusted and reviewed, which allows for this to be the case. Also, it’s safe and easy to use at home in much the same that our medication is.

One thing that it has that is a large benefit is the package purchase deal that’s available for cost savings. There is also a limited time free bottle offer when you purchase online. There’s also a standard or free shipping term depending on the purchase package.

When ordered online, Wartrin guarantees discretion, and it is available to ship worldwide. It’s shipped in plain unmarked packaging with a hidden identity. There’s also a money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase in the same way that our medication has a money back guarantee.

Let’s now take a look at salicylic acid so we can see the effect that it has on the wart that you’re treating.

Salicylic acid is classified as a keratolytic, or a peeling agent. It works by causing the outer layer of skin to loosen and shed. It’s a common and effective treatment for a variety of dermatological and cosmetic applications. A study on salicylic acid and cryotherapy with liquid nitrogren showed that both had about the same level of effectiveness.

Wartrin is used by applying the cream directly onto the affected area. It’s only for topical use, and men and women of any age can use Wartrin. The bottle it comes in is squeezable and has a narrow tip for easy application.

Wartrin works immediately, and you will see results in a few days, which is a bit faster than the medication we’ve been looking at.

In terms of differences between the two, our medication uses more salicylic acid, as we’ve seen. The inactive ingredients differ as well. While Wartrin comes in cream form, our medication comes in liquid form.

While Wartrin supports the treatment of genital warts, our medication does not have that functionality. In terms of whether these are supported by professionals, most professionals do agree that it’s perfectly fine to use an OTC medication for several months. Then, if for some reason it doesn’t work, it would be best for you to see the professional.

Believe it or not, this medication is not especially new when it comes to being on the market. It’s been used for years in the U.S., the UK and various other places. This medication contains FDA approved ingredients and has made the treatment of warts relatively simple and easy. In order to understand this medication, it’s necessary to understand warts in general.

Now that we’ve gotten a good look at what this medication is, it should be that much easier for you to make an informed decision.

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  • Updated May 10, 2017